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Offering Educational, Lucrative Jobs for Teenagers

Here at Carter Legacy LLC, we're proud to offer sales jobs for teenagers in the Modesto, California, area. If you'd like your teenager to start learning life skills while earning money, get in touch with us soon.

Carter's Legacy

Since 1998, we've proudly provided an amazing opportunity for young people ages 13 to 18. We enable these individuals to act as sales representatives, selling fundraising candy bars, a portion of the proceeds of which are in turn donated through our partner company to various awareness efforts. In the event that a young person wishes to stay with us after the age of 18, they may stay on as a crew driver. The driver's responsibilities are to pick up kids, teach them the sales script, and motivate them, as well as help them on sales routes and make sure they make it home at the end of each day.

Our crews typically work 4 hours after school on weekdays and 8-hour shifts on the weekends. Our teen salespeople are paid for every product they sell and are eligible to win prizes and bonuses such as theme park trips, via our point system. They'll receive 25 points every time they go to work and 1 point per each sale. A free trip is earned when the salesperson reaches 2400 points by the end of the month.

Candy Bars, Happy Boys, and a Theme Park

Kids Eating Breakfast

No Fees for Parents

Parents are not required to pay any fees or other out-of-pocket expenses. If you're interested in signing your teenager up, get in touch. We'll stop by your home and discuss our youth employment program with you, then provide you with a packet of consent and authorization forms. Once all the forms have been signed and returned, your child can get started right away. Please note that we will expect your teen to show up on a consistent basis. If they miss 3 days out of a workweek, we will have to remove them from the program.